Why You Need To Focus On Building Your Email List

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Are you ready to crush it when it comes to increasing awareness about your business? Then building your email list should be a top priority.

Believe it or not, an estimated 333 billion (yes, billion with a "b") emails are expected to be generated in 2019. And, eighty six percent of professionals name email as their favorite mode of communication. Those are two powerful stats! So, why wouldn't a business owner be using email as one of its most effective marketing tools?

Here are three reasons:

1. It feels too "salesy"

2. It takes too long to build a credible, decent list

3. Pop-ups to get people's emails are annoying

These may all be reasons you aren't building an email list, but they're also the same reasons that are keeping you from seeing the results you want.

We're going to break these down one by one to show you why you need to focus on building your business email list.

1. It Feels Too "Salesy"

If you don't write your email pitch like a sales pitch, then it won't be a 'salesy' email. People like authenticity and they're humans. So write as one human to another. If someone has taken the time to sign up for your email list then they want to hear from you. Don't let doubt or insecurity keep you from mastering what could be your best converting marketing tool.

2. It takes too long to build a credible, decent list

When it comes to your email list remember quality, not quantity. The same goes for your social media accounts. If you have a million followers and they're not your target market, then you're not going to see the conversions you'd like. Simply add an email subscribe button where it's visible on your website and grab people's attention. Give them an incentive like a free download or coupon. Over time you will see your list grow with quality leads and potential clients.

3. Pop-ups are annoying

Yes, pop-ups can be annoying. Especially if they're jumping in your face every two seconds. But, there's a reason why people use pop-ups.

They work.

When used properly.

And when your pop-up is used properly, you can see conversion rates of 10%-50% according to Ometrics. The key is how you use your pop-up to interact with your visitor. Instead of using a pop-up as the first thing your visitors encounter, try using a link triggered pop-up with a strong call-to-action. For example, "Download our free PDF" or "Get your 50% off coupon here". When the link is clicked, your pop-up to get an email address for the free offer is activated.

> > Not sure you know how to set up an email subscribe pop-up? We love designing those for our clients so start your project with us today!


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