Top Three Must Haves For Your Construction Website

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Creating a website is similar to building a new building. You need a great foundation, beautiful design and a smooth user experience.

In order for your construction company website to work at its optimum, be sure to include the following three key elements:

1. Call-to-Action Button

Don't leave your visitors hanging. Give them a directive for an action you want them taking once they land on your site. This could be:

  • Call us

  • Fill in a form

  • Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Get a free quote

  • Register for our event

Get clear about the goal for your site and make it a lead capturing magnet by letting your visitors know what to do when they are on your site.

Pro tip: Make your button pop with a contrasting color and connect it directly to your phone number if "Call Us" is your CTA.

Construction website design
Make sure you include these three elements to your construction website for optimal performance.

2. Testimonials

Adding reviews or testimonials to your construction website gives third-party credibility to who you are and what you do. Having clients or customers commenting and complimenting the work you do makes it easier for those who might be on the fence to know you are trust-worthy.

Pro tip: Wix offers a pre-made strip for Testimonials making it a cinch to add to your site and edit with your own client reviews and testimonials.

3. Professional Photos

Nothing devalues a site more than unprofessional photos. While it may be easy to use smartphone images for your website, skip the temptation and keep them for showing people at the company BBQ. Your company works too hard and has built a reputation for being the best in your field. Showcase that work with the professionalism it deserves. A quick call to a local professional photographer is well worth the time, effort and results. And, you can make your dollar go further by using the professional images across your marketing platforms.

Pro tip: Look for a photographer who has a niche in the real estate or construction field. They will know what the best lighting is for the types of photos you are looking to capture.

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