Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Keep Business Moving Forward

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

With many businesses operating from home during the COVID-19 outbreak you may find yourself with an upended routine and a little more time on your hands. So how do you keep business moving forward when it seems like everything is at a standstill?

Here are three ways you can work on your business to ensure forward momentum during this time:

1. Polish your social media profiles.

For many small business owners, finding time to update their social media profiles is a common struggle. Now is the perfect time to go in and dust them off, make the necessary updates (how long has it been since you changed your profile picture?), add any info that might be missing (any awards you've won, recent projects or certifications, new address, etc) and give it a good once over for spelling and grammar fixes.

Your social media profiles contribute to your overall online reputation so keeping your information current builds trust with potential clients and customers. Plus, you don't want to lose a possible big client because you had the wrong info listed on your Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Work on your social media profiles during down times

2. Update your bio.

Another piece of marketing collateral that falls to the wayside all too often is your bio.

Many times this is the first thing people will read about you and defines their impression of you. It can make or break whether or not someone wants to take that next step and work with you. So having outdated information can result in the loss of potential income.

Take the time to get it right whether you update it yourself or hire someone to write it for you. Once you have it finished, use it on your social media profiles. Some places, like Twitter, only allow a limited character amount so you'll need a shortened version. Other places, like LinkedIn, allow you more space to include several paragraphs. Either way, remember you're writing a story, not a list, so keep it engaging and entertaining.

3. Write a blog post.

Another area that gets left behind during "normal" business is the blog. What a great time to share your best expert tips and tricks with your audience by bringing your blog back to life! This marketing piece of the puzzle, when utilized properly, can be a great resource and potential revenue driver.

Not sure what to blog about? Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

1. Try something new and write about it

2. Offer inside professional tips or resources (we started "Behind the Design" for this purpose)

3. Write about your favorite quote

4. Announce an event

5. Link to a recent video

6. Graph a statistic or create an infographic

7. Do a "top ten" list

8. Invite guest posts

9. Create a list of common mistakes in your niche

10. Answer most common questions you get from your audience

Another great reason to blog? It gives you content to share on your social media accounts. And after you've put #2 into practice, when people find you on social media all your info will be current!

Take advantage of this time to work on your business by getting some of these things accomplished that normally get pushed onto the back burner. This way when things do start pumping back up again, you'll be ready.

Still feel like you need a hand with social media and marketing? We can help. Simply set up a complimentary call at your convenience and we can start the conversation.


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