Save Time With This One Website Hack

Updated: Oct 21

One of the biggest complaints from most small business owners is this: not enough time. All day, every day, multiple plates spin in the air and focusing on getting anything done seems nearly impossible.

Well, here's one time saving tip your Wix website can take care of for you.

Automated email responses.

Save time with an automated email response.

This marketing function takes the stress off of you for getting back with everyone individually. It's a great way to welcome people and say thanks for signing up and joining your email list.

Here are a few ideas you can include in your automated email response:

  • Coupon or discount code for your products

  • Downloadable PDF of free and helpful information

  • Upcoming event information

  • Video introduction of you or your business

Get creative! You know your business better than anyone else so come up with something of value for your sign ups that they can't resist.

How To Set Up Automated Email Responses In Wix

Wix makes it easy to set up an automated email response. Click here for step-by-step instructions:

Not sure you want to handle auto email set up on your own? Contact us to start your project today!