How to Write Converting Website Copy

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

When it comes to writing copy for your website you really need to remember only one thing...

It's not about YOU.

Visitors to your site are asking themselves two questions:

1. Does your website offer what they are looking for?

2. Can they find it easily?

They aren't reading every word you labored over for hours to get "just right". They're scanning for the important nuggets of info they need an answer for quickly.

Here are three quick ways to tighten up your website copy and keep visitors on your site:

1. Skip the flowery words

Your site visitor is in a hurry. Most likely they are multi-tasking. So, make sure all your pertinent info can be found quickly and easily. Your business name, phone number, and address should be prominent above the fold.

Make sure you use simple statements to avoid confusion. Getting too clever with

your words requires people to think.

They don't want to think.

They want to find what they're looking for.

2. People Scan. They Don't Read.

Remember, no one is reading every. single. word.

So, incorporate some of these copy writing tricks:

  • You can grab people's attention by using some design tricks such as using bold, larger sized lettering for headlines. But make sure that headline communicates who you are and what you do immediately.

  • Use bullet points for making important aspects of your business stand out.

  • Use bite-sized sentences instead of lengthy paragraphs.

3. People Arrive Randomly

Not everybody lands on your home page first. They may have done a Google search and your About page may be what they click on first. Or your Contact page. Who knows?

This is why each page should be easy to scan and include a Call-To-Action. Footers are good for this, but CTA's should be

sprinkled throughout your site on every page because you never know when someone is going to decide they want to know more.

Not sure your copy is keeping and converting your visitors? Start a project with us today and get better results with a website you're proud to show off!


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