Google Study Shows Insights Into Video Viewers Motivation

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

If you’re stressed about creating videos on social to promote your brand because you think it takes too much time and money, take these questions into account. Can you describe what quality content looks like in a video? Are there hard guidelines on how to create a video with great content? Do most quality videos go viral?

A survey of 3,200 people aged 13-64 was conducted by Google and Omnicom Media Group in which they found that there were no pre-determined guidelines of a good video, that the quality content of a video was determined by the individual. There were, however, a few content best-practices they found within the survey.

The Message of the Video is Greater Than the Aesthetics

The first noteworthy finding is that storytelling is better than production quality. Respondents chose videos based on the values that video displayed, rather than how much money went into producing it. They were 1.6x more concerned about finding something that resonated with them than with something aesthetically pleasing.

People care about video content that interests them.

Personal Branding is Necessary

Because viewers would rather watch a video that connects with them personally, you want to create videos with this in mind. By being personal, you are giving them the opportunity to dig deeper into your brand and learn more about your community and products. But what if your business speaks to a very specific market?

Niches Are Not Necessarily Small

The third finding is that niches can have huge effects on an audience. If you are personal and tell a great story that resonates with people, your niche can grow. Google found that “content that allows viewers to dig deeper into interests is 2.7x more important than featuring famous actors.

The future of video is evolving quickly and what knowing what viewers want in their experience with your brand will make or break your business. Especially with targeted ads, as opposed to telling viewers what they wanted to see, viewers are being more picky with what they view and where they spend their time online.

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