Google's Insights Into Buyer Behavior This Holiday Season

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The pressure to have a high-performance, quality website this holiday season is rising. Why? Last year shoppers spent over 853 BILLION dollars in the 32 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. This year, there are only 26 days and shoppers are moving online to find those deals with e-commerce sales increasing 18% year-over-year. 

A recent article by Google’s “Think with Google” hit the nail on the head stating “But with so many brands and products competing for a slice of the holiday season pie, it’s more critical than ever for marketers to reach and engage shoppers in key decision-making moments.” 

The key to revenue success this season is knowing the behavior of your customers and Google has a few insights for us. 

They are looking to be inspired.

Because 37% of holiday shopping is completed by Cyber Monday, it’s clear that shoppers are looking for gift ideas and inspiration far before then. Leveraging trending keywords on your website and website content can improve traffic to your website.

They are deal seekers. 

There has been a recent shift in buying behavior. Three-quarters of shoppers believe they will find the best deals online rather than in-store. Not only do they want to be inspired but they want to know they are getting the best deal. A great way to both inspire and educate visitors to your website is to have high-quality service and product descriptions and make sure to publicize those 5-star reviews.


Time is Money.

What goes into a buying decision? Price? Yep. Product reviews? Absolutely. But did you know that 47% of shoppers take into account the return policy? Make sure to update your return policy and make it easy to find. Because the shopper’s time is valuable, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to navigate your website and take the actions they want to take. 

Ensure you have a high performing website going into this new year and start a project with us today!


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