9 Easy-To-Use Tools That Make Blogging Easier

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As we mentioned before in our last post “6 Steps to Creating a Killer Blog”, actually sitting down and writing the posts is the most difficult part in maintaining a blog. What should I title this post? What keywords should I use? Where do I find images that fit my brand? All these questions can create writer’s block and the temptation to just give up. Not this time! The following post is written to help you overcome common barriers in running a successful blog. And to start off, let’s talk about a very common mistake in blogging: grammar.

The Grammar Tool

It is of utmost importance that spelling and grammar be perfect in your blogs. If you are consistently making these mistakes, your audience will begin to doubt your credibility and authority. Grammarly is a very easy solution to this problem and a no-brainer. You can get it both on mobile and desktop and it will save your reputation again and again. Once it’s installed, the first tools you should utilize are keyword planning tools.

Keyword Planning Tools

Choosing the perfect keywords for your posts is vital. To help find which ones will attract your ideal customer, try Google’s Keyword Planner. This will show you keywords that are related to the keywords you have been using, that you might have been missing out on.The next tool will also help you capture more traffic as it also suggest related keywords and phrases. Answer the Public can also give you ideas of what sort of content you should be writing on.

Having the right tools makes blogging so much easier.

Content Tools

Wouldn't it be nice to have a tool that tells you the most popular posts with a specific keyword? With BuzzSumo, you can find just that! This will help you plan content by seeing what your audience finds most attractive.

Title Writing Tools

Depending on how you designed your blog, your visitors will see either your blog title or the image first. If you’re struggling with coming up with titles but have a keyword in mind, head over to Hubspot’s Title Generator. If you have a title in mind already, analyze whether it is engaging enough with Shareththrough’s Headline Analyzer.

Image Tools

The last tools are for your images. Unsplash is a wonderful place to find free beautiful stock photos, no email required. To find a high quality image just search a keyword or two. Once you have an image, try touching it up with Fotor’s Photo Editor. You can easily resize, rotate, crop, and fine-tune your image so it’s ready to publish with your post. Don’t forget to size it according to the platform it’ll be published on.

These tools will help you create stellar blog posts and make the whole process less stressful.

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