3 Surefire Signs It's Time For A Website Redesign

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Haven't touched your site in awhile? Wondering if it's time for a re-fresh?

Here are three things to check to see if you're past due:

1. 'Not Secure' message in your url

Not having an SSL certificate leaves your site wide open for hackers and opportunities for the site to go down. It means that information is being transferred over an insecure connection and could potentially be stolen, read, or modified by hackers and attackers.

Google Chrome instituted the "not secure" warning in July, 2018. So, if your site comes up "not secure" you know that it's been at least nine months since you checked the security of your site.

Having a 'not secure' sign next to your domain name is like posting a "Do Not Enter" sign on your front door. It's just not very friendly and doesn't make visitors feel welcome or safe.

Pro Tip: Make sure your site is secure with HTTPS for your own business safety as well as making your site visitors know they're safe while browsing your site.

2. Outdated copyright

It seems like such a small detail, but nothing screams "We don't take care of our site" more than a copyright date from last year or earlier.

Subconsciously, your visitors wonder whether or not the information on the site is current. This causes doubt, and when they have so many options within one click to go somewhere else, you don't want your visitor doubting your information.

Pro Tip: Go check your copyright date. If it's outdated, update it immediately!

Ensure you site is secure, mobile optimized and displays the correct copyright year.

3. Not mobile optimized.

Mobile optimize your site for higher ranking and keeping visitors on your site.

While all three of these are signs that it's time for a new website design, this one holds the most weight. Not having a mobile optimized site means Google is ranking you lower in search results. Plain and simple. Nobody wants to do the "pinch and squeeze" when you come up on their phone. There are too many competitors who have their site right and can be easily read and navigated from a phone. So don't send your visitors to your competitor by not taking this crucial step and optimizing your business website.

Sites that aren't mobile optimized have gone the way of the dinosaur. Show your visitors you

are on top of your game and current with user navigation trends. Your customers are online savvy spending hours per day browsing websites. Don't give them any reason to bounce off your site!

Pro Tip: Make it easy for your visitors to contact you by connecting your phone number on your mobile version for easy one click calling.

If your website has any or all of these surefire signs it's time for a re-fresh, let's talk! Start your project with us today.


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